Local Players. Global Impact

Batter Up Baseball's official charitable partner is Game On Camps gives local players a global impact and trains youth to use sport globally to win big in life. 


Jackie Robinson used Baseball. Billie Jean King used Tennis.  Jessee Owens used running. Nelson Mandela used Rugby.  The Mighty Macs used basketball.


Sports is a fun and powerful way to connect people all around the world and win big when it comes to diversity, inclusion, and justice. It is also a great way to help kids stay engaged in the most important thing when it comes to freedom, justice, and equality -- their education.


Game On Camps uses the proceeds from its North American sports camps to run sports camps for underprivileged youth in India and Ukraine. We partner with schools and organizations to equip local coaches, train young players and make a global impact. To learn more, visit

Dalit students in Mumbai, India

Game On Camps 2019

Hyderabad, India

Game On Camps 2019

"Sports not only makes life more fun, it trains you to win in life and connects you with a team that will have your back. That is what Game On Camps is all about--helping kids all around the world have fun, connect with a global team and win big. Many thanks to Batter Up Baseball for being a true global partner for justice!"

Cassandra Irving, Founder, Game On Camps is married to Mike Irving, Founder, Batter Up Baseball 

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