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Peter Orr

Former MLB & Team Canada



Batter Up Baseball connects its players with sports heroes who have played at championship levels of the game and still have fun with it all. Pro players like Former MLB Player Peter Orr (Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies and Team Canada) and Owen Spiwak (Toronto Blue Jays) come out to Batter Up camps as part of Batter Up's Heroes Program to help young players with their skills as well as share their stories and wisdom. Some Batter Up Heroes, like Owen, stay on as coaches!

PHOTOS  (Top Left) MLP Player PETER ORR winning gold with Team Canada. Photo source: Toronto Star (Bottom Left) Peter Orr with Jack at Batter Up's Winter Program   (Bottom Right) Owen Spiwak, Toronto Blue Jays organization, at Batter Ups Winter Program. Coach Owen now is a part of Batter Up's summer camp coaching staff! 

Former MBL Player Peter Orr with Batter Up Player 

Photo link: Toronto Star

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