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Batter Up players know how to take the game and themselves seriously, but not too seriously! They are balanced, fun, competitive and ready to win on the field and in life.


Kyle started with Batter Up in his younger years and has graduated to play college baseball at Sienna College in New York

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Jack is the kind of kid that puts it all on the line all the time and motivates others to reach for the stars! His hard work has paid off as he has gone on to play Elite Baseball! Great work, Jack!

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Jessica Henry

Jessica joined Batter Up as a house league player and spent the next two years working her way up to the rep team. Then she had multiple offers from rep coaches! Way to go, Jessica!  She is now on staff at Batter Up!

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Batter Up Players often graduate to our Leadership Development program as volunteers and instructors. Learn more and apply online on the Coaches page.


What Parents Say

Best Baseball Camp

The absolute best baseball school in Canada. Best coaches around. Skill development and tons of fun. Perfect balance.


Ryan Hollo

In Great Hands

First Experience

This was my 7-year-old's first week at Batter Up and he loved it! He won’t stop talking about next weeks camp!


Sarah Sizmur

In Great Hands

I have known Mike for 30 years (no he is not 29) and played baseball with him at the highest levels you can play in this country. He cares about people, is great with kids and knows the game inside out. You are in great hands.


 Rob Henderson

Batter Up Family

It always feels like a blessing to be part of this family–and I say "family" because they truly make you feel like part of one! The coaches and staff are always beaming with energy. There is nowhere else I would entrust my boy to learn and enjoy the sport other than this camp! Keep it up and God bless you!


Joy Osorio

Shylon at Batter Up Baseball School

Shylon at Batter Up Baseball School

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Batter Up Baseball - Summer Camp Fun

Batter Up Baseball - Summer Camp Fun

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